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Good Dog :)



Good Dog 🙂


Comm M01- 8:30am- 9:45am

And who are you?
I know who I am,
Splintered wood supports my steps,
A broken bridge,
Once live and shining,
Defines the things,
I’d like to forget.

Location: Questioned
Why am I here?
Stuck in this process,
Writing words I try to believe,
It’s not conducive,
I use it,
I must kill the rhythm,
It’s the only way I find who I am,
Writing words that pop and fizzle,
Writing lines that make no sense,
So away the rhyme scheme,
Will not dribble,
Cheaply imitating my imagination,
True love and greatness,
A metaphor, a fucking metaphor,
A gigantic fucking metaphor,
For life.

Location: Here
How did I get here?
Don’t answer that,
I know,
Too well,
The answer.
Most beautifully,
I learn,
That life’s,
A bastard,
They finish first,
Nice guys,
You know that part,
I had yet to start,
This game.

Look in Front of You

Bored on break. Here ya go 🙂 I need title suggestions!
If I can’t write when you’re around,
My hands shake,
Eyes wander,
Anywhere but the ground,
Wouldn’t that mean what I’m looking for’s been found?

I think,
You mistook me,
For someone who cares,
But then again,
I misjudged you,
As someone with whom,
My life I couldn’t share,
As it turns out I was surprised,
Just this very morn,
My heart filled with tears,
At the story of yours.

We seem to be much more alike,
Than for some reason,
I’d like to admit,
Maybe a residual gift,
Karma not being a bitch,
I almost completely missed it,
Labeled you as out of my league,
But love,
It’s all a game,
A game played by thieves.

“I went into is…

“I went into isolation traded in my mic for the pipe,
Started living the college life, drinking and smoking everyday,
Rationalizing to myself that I was going through a phase,
And I’d stop, thinking my music would take it’s place,
But when you live in fog inspirations hard to create,
It takes more to get connected than to quit smoking for a day,
And when I get frustrated I get a Swisher and get blown away.” -Macklemore

Macklemore has been a kind of saviour to me, inspiring me to try.  Just the word, with no attached subjects.  Try.

Drug Dealers

Drug dealers,

Called healers,

In a land far ago,

Magic potions,

For those emotions,

When you are caught in the throes,

Of an attack,

No turning back,

You know there is nowhere to go,

Stand your ground and,

You wont be found and,

You must trust what you know.

I Finally Finished That Speech!


I finally finished that speech I’ve been writing! And the rough draft is exactly as long as its supposed to be. It’s not even due for a few weeks 🙂 this pic is the result of me messing around with my ōllo clip, which is a lens that attaches to my iPhone. I told you, I Instagram A LOT.

Over the past three days, I think I’ve managed to catch a grand total of 6 hours of solid sleep. I’m having trouble predicting how busy it will be at work tonight. It is a Friday, on the one hand, but on the other it is also the night of Black Friday, and after thanksgiving. I’m daring to hope…

Doubt any if the rambling made sense. Wonder why…

Still High

On the adrenaline from last night.  Until I find the proper time and mindset to elaborate, This will have to suffice.  i just read about Instagram embeds here on WordPress, and this is the most recent one I have posted.  It was after the concert last night, after having several people thrown into my face and myself being thrown over a wall with many others.  They were in my pocket the whole time, which makes me wonder how I am not bleeding.

This picture was taken almost immediately after we fought our way out of the venue, ten seconds after both of my calf muscles cramped and brought me to my knees in the middle of the street.