First Post!

I have yet to even finish the actual set-up of this blog, so for my first post I will treat you all to a little poem I wrote in my Business & Economics class.  It is about a party I recently went to.  I’m not sure If I get to fill out a bio here at some point, but here’s me in a nutshell- Twenty years old, college student in Ventura County, and I flip burgers and live with my parents.  More on that will come out later, I’m sure.  The poem is untitled so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!!  


I guess I should have seen this coming,

I know I should have started running,

Saw the smoke,

I felt the fire,

Burning my throat but the drinks kept coming,

Inebriated, I won’t say sorry,


Marks up and down my body,

Cunning, stunning,

Barker drumming from the speakers,

And every hit,

From his kick,

Reminds that I don’t wanna be here,


My mind,

Hands like, “but we just wanna see her,”


My mom,

Tellin’ me, “Remember how you treat her,”



Leaves me in the dark,

With half a pack of matches,

And a note that this is art,

So I’ve been here, doing this,

My fingertips are charred,

So scared to light another match for fear of leading them too far.


About brettspadaro

Attempting to complete a business degree in southern California. Dream big, act rationally. Go for what you believe in.

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