Waiting for Mail Must’ve Been Terrible (a poem)

I patiently sit,
And wait,
Staying awake,
Until the start of your day,
Too much?
Three days,
Two (good) poems,
Countless love letters,
In and out of the form,
Of a classic Facebook message.

I’ve told myself from the start,
If I ever,
Came across a love so pure I would seize it,
Grab it with all the strength,
In my forearms and,
Believe it,
So I could save what’s left,
Of what never started.

And I have you!
I almost go into denial,
Every time I look across my arm,
Down to my palm,
Where my phone flashes on,
A beacon,
Me away from my troubles,
To you,
My queen,
The one whose arms I long for,
Whose touch can intimidate,
More than the most successful father.

I think I love you,
I still can’t touch you,
I ache for your comfort.

What to do?
Confused, emotional, tired,
The last one’s,
All that counts to me and the rest,
Together it stays and slays,
Any doubt,
That you are NOT the one,
To save me from my exhausted,
Emotional state,
And love me.

So now,
I wait,
Hours upon minutes,
In the familiar shadow of my own insecurities,
A place where,
I am oh so comfortable.
Everyone knows this place,
The limbo of spine tingling emotions and fears,
The ones I feel,
As I wait,
For any type of electronic notification,
Reassuring me that,
Your soul is thinking about mine.


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About brettspadaro

Attempting to complete a business degree in southern California. Dream big, act rationally. Go for what you believe in.

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