To Believe

I breathe for you,
The truth in that is vast my dear,
Vaster than the oceans,
That keep you from my fear,
Inhale and I can see you there,
Imagining we share,
A house,
A home,
A child,

Not lust,
Not even love,
That I can tell,
It’s not romantic, no,
But reality,
It sets in like concrete,
You don’t really know me,
And that’s okay,
But let us save the promises,
For another day.

Don’t get discouraged,
Because your courage,
Is kind of the only reason,
I believe.

That is the reason,
ONLY reason,
I believe,
In you and me.

My soul is shielded and I’m retarded,
If I’m to assume you’re not the same,
By name,
The struggles,
I do not know them,
Invisible enemies,
A terrorist’s game,
Cracks in the concrete,
Covered by dirt,
Grass and time,
But it will still hurt,
To trip up.

If I’m not being clear,
Then here-

I love the fact that you love the fact that we love the fact that there’s no stress,
You believe what I believe that all or nothing is the best,
The only way to find the truth behind a heart is through a test,
Unless you trust with everything you have.

Like I did,
Like I’m doing,
You’ll understand why I’m so scared,
To believe.


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About brettspadaro

Attempting to complete a business degree in southern California. Dream big, act rationally. Go for what you believe in.

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