In Security

I open the door to the front of the house,
The beeping is loud as the timer counts down,
I see you,
And stare,
But not for too long,
I’m here for one thing,
Anything else would be wrong.

“Hello madam X my name is (whatever),
I’m here answering your call,
From the company (whichever),
I understand you have some issues,
Some things that must be made better,
Please show me the way,
To the problem,

I’m led down the hall,
Towards a system,
The beeping gets louder,
A siren in my prison,
The patch on my back,
Gives me resolve to continue,
I’ve hated my job,
More and more with each change of venue.

I look at the product,
Ignore the sounds drowned in my ears,
Focus all of my effort,
On fixing the reason I’m here,
Within minutes I’m finished,
Turn around and you are in tears,
I ask softly,
You reach out,
Pull me near.

“Miss this is quite unprofessional,”
I said though my longing,
“The company I belong to,
They will not find this fun…”

You connect with my lips and I rip off my patch,
The symbol I’ve kept,
Only to find my way back
The beeping is gone,
And I’m done with this job,
Show me a room,
Where we can be all,
But alone.

By the hand I am led to the grandest of bedrooms,
So lost in your scent,
I can’t but imagine how many,
Others were sent here on just an address and memory,
I think they are fools,
And I am one,
One of many,
But what else is a moment,
If not a chance at a memory?

Your hands on my chest,
Lightest touch of a feather,
I feel the signal to slow,
That you want to do this together,
I oblige and roll over,
Side by side we’ll remember,
How it feels to be one,
Not just get fucked,
Or whatever.

Just as we connect on a level unknown,
To most other “lovers,”
I hear the ring of a phone,
In an instant you’ve lost me,
It’s cheesy but I have a ‘zone’,
Of comfort and passion,
But we must be alone.

After the briefest of conversations,
You say,
“Believe me I’m sorry,
But I’ve received an invitation,
To the grandest of parties,
If you’d like you can come!
If not,
You must wait,
For my longing,
Because for now it’s tied up,
In the darkness of wanting.”
She said,
“My hero!
You fixed it!
Oh how it was driving me crazy,
Constantly in my head,
Complicating my daily,

“Of course ma’am,”
I say, woken up from my daydream,
Look around in mild surprise,
Feeling my subconscious believe me,
That all this was rooted in fiction,
My soul is still not freed,
Maybe the next house
Will hold a memory I need.

You sign near the ‘x’,
And I grasp your fingers goodbye,
It’s probably just me,
I swear there was a twinkle in your eye,
“This may be the first time we’ve met,”
You say with a smile,
“But this security system fails,
Much more than just once in a while.”


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Attempting to complete a business degree in southern California. Dream big, act rationally. Go for what you believe in.

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