I am in need of a distraction,
So I decide to take action,
Change my clothes and my face,
Get in my car and join the rat race,
Through the canyons and freeways,
A beautiful dance of explosions in steel,
I can almost forget,
That I’m forgetting to feel.

Shadows move,
And play games on my face,
As the light tries to find that one certain place,
Behind the sunglasses I wear,
Through the visor I’ve placed,
At a well thought out angle,
And the sun still gives chase.

Turned off on a road through the mountains and clouds,
I’m much too close for comfort,
With the mortals on the ground,
Higher I will go,
From my place
There’s no limit,
Only a rumor I’ve heard,
But like my supposed purpose in life,
I dismiss it.

In my comfortable haze I meander through forests,
Losing and finding myself,
Like a tourist,
A societal human,
Thrown back in the harmonics of nature,
More so than I’d like to admit,
It’s a strange feeling to be here.

So far from myself,
I can feel the battle inside,
Between laughing and crying,
Either way tears stream from my eyes
There is no saying to guide me,
No philosophy for this,
I remember choosing this path,
To this path I must stick.


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About brettspadaro

Attempting to complete a business degree in southern California. Dream big, act rationally. Go for what you believe in.

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