Inhale the sweet,
Bitter beautiful smoke,
Fell the comfort wash in,
Tingling down my fingers,
And toes,
Do not breathe,
Peace is not everlasting,
The moment of exhale,
Anything after,
Too taxing.

Some records exist,
Of a different world I’ve seen,
Some jotted down thoughts,
Observations and fears,
It would seem,
I found comfort in something,
In the darkness of night,
Simile to the darkness of wanting,
When nothing else would feel right.

I alluded to danger,
The dangerous touch of the drugs,
All the same I would stay there,
Simply for want of a hug,
The arms would enfold me,
A child inside,
And I’d love,
My mother and father,
Above all else.

Such a twisted belief,
Druggy pun,
Much intended,
I found love in the galaxies,
My beliefs,
I up-ended,
I struck out on my own,
I left behind all that I’d mended,
I’d come to a realization,
Almost like a God,
That had descended.

If it was love that I sought,
And it was love that I had,
All along from my family,
Even my dad,
Then it was solace I was seeking,
As from what,
I don’t know,
Though I have a pretty good guess,
It doesn’t start,
With this bowl.


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About brettspadaro

Attempting to complete a business degree in southern California. Dream big, act rationally. Go for what you believe in.

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