Reality is setting in,
The time is night,
About to begin,
Beloved ritual,
Of smoke and sin,
Forgetting all,
I have within.

Shattered glass,
Becomes my nemesis,
I uses what tools,
I have to remedy it,
Frowning faces,
Smile at the deficit,
I am raking in,
Results from carelessness.

Snaking worries,
Slither to my domain,
Of abstract thought,
Depress-ed acts,
Through pain,
Many an hour,
Had whispered,
“You’re the same,”
But with no solid proof,
I dismiss it/them,
As a silly game.

Personifying objects of need,
Terrifyingly burning through weed,
Slipping down slopes with astonishing speed,
Accepting things that can definitely be changed,
By me.


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About brettspadaro

Attempting to complete a business degree in southern California. Dream big, act rationally. Go for what you believe in.

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