Suppose someone acts against you, and you do nothing against them except exist with a slight difference in beliefs.

Say this person doesn’t talk to you, but instead waits for you to react so they could gauge your reaction, pinpoint exactly how touchy of a subject it is, and eventually tell you how terrible it is for you to feel that way.

Based on widespread beliefs.
That you semi-reject.

Suppose this person is also the only means of continuing into a successful, monetized future.

That you don’t really want to get to, so you’re dragging your feet through community college and life in general to slow your racing thoughts and try to find something that makes you feel alive before you get buried in the suburban front lawns you were born on.

This person doesn’t know that. So they continue to “fix” your life in ways that only make the days shorter.

And you love them too much to let them into your life, because you know that if you removed the veil they would be so shocked you might not have a loving home anymore.

So you continue to silently sit in between arguments with them and the wall behind you, making every effort to express that you are content (not happy), and that you solidly believe that at this age, in this town, and in this house, that is pretty damn good.

But they only see their child. And their instincts tell them to protect and provide for their child. You can’t be mad at that; you can’t even begin to refute it without appearing heartless.

But they’re a main reason you’re losing yourself.


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Attempting to complete a business degree in southern California. Dream big, act rationally. Go for what you believe in.

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