Archive | July 2013

A Trip

There are swirls inside me,
Curling clouds of color,
Or lack of color,
That form shapes.
They are within me,
And the shapes are vaguely familiar,
They form into things,
Things my mind has been trained,
For 21 years and some odd days,
To perceive as meaningful.

And then I exhale.


My Today

Well shit,
Here we go!
Off again,
White blinding snow,
I feel so funny,
Like I feel okay,
But then again I am on drugs,
Welcome to my today.

My happiness runs parallel,
To the depressing thoughts I conjure,
Of picture perfect fantasies,
Where two hearts could forever wander,
But like any war,
Like any battle,
Like any free thrown punch,
There’s something there I can’t achieve,
And I don’t take other answers.


Words can only express,
Things that exist in this world,
Descriptive tools at their best,
Used in a pinch to unfurl,
A scene of confusion,
Maybe an illogical thought,
Like the one I have now,
About how my heart has been caught.

The words here betray me,
But honest they are,
Associated with hunting,
The prey’s desire to run far,
And while indeed you have caught me,
And I’m as helpless as a deer vs. a car,
There’s nowhere I’d rather be,
Then wherever you are.